Public Movement “Social Revival”

Introductory provisions

Today – in a period of system state crisis – 90% of Ukrainian citizens became socially vulnerable. That is why initiative group has established “Public Movement” Social Renewal”, which in critical period for nation and state, has its main objective to protect and support welfare of majority of Ukrainian citizens.

We consider the “Public Movement “Social Revival”(PMSR) as the organization capable at a certain stage to organize civil majority (employees, rural workers, labor employed) into a single force able to bring Ukraine to a real, democratic democracy and also lead the country out of the current political and administrative crisis.

Besides PMSR, not being a political party, is capable to unite socially active Ukrainians confederates from different political flows, to interact with political parties that support the objectives and principles of the movement. As well with the support of partner parties PMSR is capable to solve the challenges facing it by the means of nomination of confederates in the executive authorities and local self-government at all levels of legislature, in accordance with the current legislation.

Main principles of PMSR


Today, during the political crisis, public associations of citizens, volunteer movements and some Ukrainians with an active civil position, not giving empty promises in waiting for seats in the Parliament, provide real support to their fellow citizens, who appeared to be in a difficult situation, and make numerous attempts to take Ukraine out of the state crisis.

Appreciating such attitude of its people, PMSR took as the basis of its activity the principle of effectiveness but not idle chatter. On the stage of establishment PMSR implements a number of programs and related activities, which are to support the welfare of citizens.


Active movement understands that the problems and challenges of our time which Ukrainians are facing today can’t be fully solved by individual charities activities which have one-off and small coverage of citizens. Especially considering that PMSR, as well as many associations of citizens, is created by the initiative of ordinary Ukrainians and has no funding from the oligarchic groups, which makes it impossible to reach charity using a large number of people in need.

Therefore, PMSR has developed and is implementing a number of programs which are not requiring significant financing, which is realized under the current legislation of Ukraine, and which are capable to improve the well-being of the working majority of Ukrainians on gradual and systematical base.

People's solidarity

One of the key principles is the idea of joining forces to defend their rights, freedom, security and welfare of the Ukrainian labor majority. Labor employed/entrepreneurs are classified to that Commonwealth by PMSR*.

* Labor employed/entrepreneurs (in the sense of movement) are the entrepreneurs which are not appropriating public property, are distributing the fruits of labor between own employees in good faith and receive personal profit for effective organizational and management activities.

Initially PMSR team does not bind itself to oligarchic clans due to the fact that its interests and principles are in contradiction with the interests of the system and needs of the people of Ukraine.

Ukrainian centrism and protection of the interests of Ukraine and its citizens at the international level

Attempts of various Ukrainian financial and political clans (pursuing personal gains) during a quarter of a century to pass Ukraine to management by other countries and international associations, have led to a deep ideological discord among the people, the crisis of territorial integrity and the physical destruction by the low standard of living and war.

Continuation of such political and administrative activity inevitably leads Ukraine to the territorial disintegration of the state and the final transfer of sovereignty Ukraine to other countries or international associations. Movement team understands that the current critical situation has a direct impact on every of Ukrainians. Therefore, PMSR conducts activities to unite multinational Ukrainian nation, to protect interests of citizens of Ukraine and to represent state interests on the international arena.

In a such way we declare our commitment to Ukrainian centrism as priority to our state and national interests, which will allow to observe the sovereignty, sufficient for establishment of profitable relations with a maximum the number of countries and international organizations for the Ukrainian people and the state.

Symbols and symbolism of PMSR

In PMSR heraldry (Ukr -. "Public Movement “Social Revival”, abbreviated – PMSR) the main characters are the shield, as a symbol of protection and stability, and the image of a phoenix, as a symbol of Ukraine rebirth. Colors are in harmony with the state symbols Ukraine.

Welfare Support Programme of the Ukrainian labor majority

PMSR programs are closely connected with today's realities in Ukraine, as they have the prospect of mass enrollment of citizens and include in its work all ages and social categories of Ukrainians. An example of several programs of economic character, with focus on target certain social groups are

"International Business Club "Social Revival" (IBCSR)

– programme of system support of entrepreneurs.

The basic principles of the program that contribute to strengthening the position of the participants are:

1. Attraction of additional group of goods and services consumers from PMSR members via provision by entrepreneurs’ discounts to participants of the "International discount club" Social Revival" (IDCSR).
2. Building partnerships between members of the club as within individual sectors, as well as cross-sectoral, at regional and national levels.
3. The establishment of fruitful cooperation between entrepreneurs participating in program, and representatives of government agencies, local councils.
4. Representation of interests of entrepreneurs programme participants by business club at the international level and attraction of interested stakeholders from other countries through the establishment of overseas offices IBCSR.
5. Attraction of foreign citizens-consumers of goods and services via the establishment of "International discount club" “Social Regeneration" (IDCSR) - a social program that improves the welfare of workers and the main mass of socially dependent citizens.


"International discount club "Social Revival" (IDCSR)

Main programme principles:

1. Attraction of representatives of small, medium and large national focused business providing perpetual discounts to IDCSR members on all its products and services.
2. Provision of discounts on goods and services to IDCSR members on the territories of other states via creation of an international discount club.


«PMSR work»

- social program aimed at supporting of citizens through assistance in employment.

The basic principles of the program are:

1. The creation of additional jobs in the state via activities of business club IBCSR.
2. Assistance in the provision of legal jobs to programme participants on the territory of other countries through the creation of the "International labor exchange".
3. The development of individual entrepreneurship within the country through the use of IBCSR resources.



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